GOD’S GREAT OUTDOORS by Larry Whiteley





There’s something really special about time spent around a campfire. The wood crackles and pops. Flames dance and flicker. Sparks and smoke float hypnotically upward in a dark night sky.

Campfires make you feel better. They warm you to the bone. They magically take away stress and pressure no matter where they are. Deer or turkey camp, on the banks of a river or lake, on top of a mountain or down in a valley, during a camping trip or in your own backyard. It really doesn’t matter because they’re all magical. 

One of my favorite times around a campfire is in winter or early spring before the sun starts the day. While my wife still sleeps I quietly head outside to build a campfire in the backyard fire pit. It doesn’t matter how cold it is and if it’s snowing that’s all the better and I still go. Flames reflecting off the snow are beautiful.

I like it best when the sky is still dark and millions of stars still fill the night sky. The wood sizzles and pops, the flames dance and the smell of wood smoke drifts through the air. It’s a quiet time. Not many people are up early like me. I warm myself by the fire and sip my coffee.

It’s God time. I look up and I thank him for my family and friends. I thank him for how much he has truly blessed me. I thank him for bringing my wife and me to Sac River Cowboy Church. I thank him for the great outdoors that he created for us to enjoy and take care of. 

I thank him for time in a treestand watching sunrises through the trees waiting for a deer to come by my secret hiding place. I thank him that I am still thrilled to find a deer antler or a mushroom and that a turkey gobble still gets my heart beating faster. I thank him for the sounds of loons and elk bugles, for time on the water catching fish, for campsites and hiking trails.

I think of all the outdoor memories I have made with kids, grandkids and friends. I pray there are many more memories to come before he calls me home. I stir the fire and wipe away a tear. Smoke must have got in my eyes. Time around a campfire with God is really special.

MARCH 2019



Something to Think About by Larry Whiteley


Matthew 13 -15 says “The people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them. Jesus said, Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Here at Sac River Cowboy Church we should thank God for the parents and grandparents that are bringing their children and grandchildren to learn about Jesus. It continues to grow as more and more families find out about our Children’s Church.

A few Sunday’s ago a young boy brought to church by his great grandmother said to my wife with a big smile on his face and in an excited voice, “I’m going to Children’s Church today!” 

The bonus in having our Children’s Church is that more and more adults get to hear God’s word that Scotty and Gary bring to us each Sunday. How many adults might come to know Jesus because of our Children’s Church?

Nathan Isakson and Mike Blaine are also working to reach our youth at this pivotal time in their lives. Every Sunday at 4:30 at our Event Center they are meeting and doing bible study with a small group of youth that comes. Nathan and Mike’s prayer is that our Youth Group will continue to grow like our Children’s Church and they ask that you parents and grandparents would encourage your youth to come join them.

Thank God for all the men and women who are volunteering their time to teach our children and our youth. They will one day hear the words we should all strive to hear from Matthew 25:21, “Well done thy good and faithful servant!”

Teaching our children and youth is so important because they will be the ones to continue to pass on the story of Jesus. Like Jesus said, “Do nothing to hinder that!”

MARCH 2019



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