GOD’S GREAT OUTDOORS by Larry Whiteley



by Larry Whiteley

What must it be like to perch on a limb

in a tree on a mountain high.

Then look above and spread your wings

and fly into God’s bright blue sky.

The eagle sees the round rainbow

that has no beginning or end.

He sees the flatlands, hills and valley’s

and places I’ve never been.

What must it be like to look down below

at cloud shadows on the trees.

It must be wonderful

to be so wild and free.

Cars and trucks must appear

like ants continually on the go.

Following straight and winding roads

to places only God knows.

What must it be like to fly along the rivers

carving out the land.

Over ponds, lakes and the mighty oceans

 All created by God’s hand.

The patchwork quilt of the fields below

the prairies, the deserts, the plains.

How could you ever get tired of looking

when the land keeps changing and never the same.

What must it be like to fly over rows of houses,

giant factories, malls and other stuff.

For a majestic bird so used to nature’s beauty,

neon lights, billboards and concrete must be tough.

I wonder if a tear comes to an eagle’s eye

and falls to the ground.

When he sees streams filled with trash instead of fish

and pollution all around.

What must it be like to fly above

when the seasons come and go.

To see the landscape turn from green to gold and red

to the white of a winter snow.

What must it be like to be an eagle

and soar way up high.

Oh, the sights we would behold

if we could see through an eagle’s eye.




Something to Think About by Larry Whiteley



by Larry Whiteley

I have had people ask me
Just how could I believe
In a God I never see
Or his spoken words receive.

I simply smile and explain
Why I have no doubt
It was God and his great power
That brought the great outdoors about.

All I have to do is look around
The times when I am there.
I see Him in the morning sunrise.
That's why I'm so aware.

I see Him in a summer storm
That nourishes the trees and wild flowers.
I see Him in a star lit night
What a witness to his power.

I see him in a campfire

As the flames spark and dance.

I see him as a deer sneaks through the woods

And I get a fleeting glance.

I see the beauty of Him
In the butterflies wings,
The bronzed feathers of a turkey
And colors of the spring.

I see him in the sparkling water

As I make another cast

I think of all He has done for me

So many times in the past.

I hear Him in the early light
When the birds begin their songs.
I hear Him when the thunder comes
So loud and so strong.

I hear him when the geese 

Fly high up in the sky.

I hear him when an eagle cries

It’s something you cannot buy.

I feel Him in a gentle breeze
And I lift up a prayer.
When the sun shines warmly on my face
I know that He is there.

His strength shows in the mountains
And the ever pounding seas.
The lightning bugs twinkling lights
Show his love to me.

So if you will only stop, look and listen
When you’re outdoors in the land.

You will see, hear and feel
It was all done by God’s mighty hand.  




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